36. Continuing to teach outside of the classroom - Interview with Kayla Durkin

There comes a time in every teacher’s life when you make the decision to leave the classroom.  Many leave after years of a fulfilling career for the greener pastures  of retirement.  Some leave to raise families and may return at a later date.  And there are some that decide teaching isn’t for them and leave the profession entirely.

Yet there is a growing number of teachers, myself included, that begin to feel constrained by the walls of their classroom.  They know they have something to offer on a wider platform to a broader audience.  They want to serve more than the students in their classes or the staff in their districts.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kayla Durkin of North Dakota Teaching.  We spoke about how she continues to serve and support teachers outside of the traditional classroom and into the world of teacher-preneurship.  

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How to find Kayla Durkin:  

Website:  https://www.ndteaching.com/

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