34. How does fluency affect reading comprehension?

By this time in the year, you are becoming very familiar with your students strengths and weaknesses, particularly when it comes to reading. And you probably have a number of students where reading aloud is difficult, if not painful.

Reading fluency is actually a  product of strong decoding and strong language comprehension.  It can tell us a great deal about our students' ability to process advanced phonics patterns through word attack and their ability to read for meaning and comprehend text.

As a new teacher it’s vital that you understand the role that oral reading fluency plays in the development of reading and what you can do to support your students as they develop fluency.  

Hasbrouck - Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Norms: https://www.readnaturally.com/article/hasbrouck-tindal-oral-reading-fluency-chart

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