33. Don’t make this major career mistake!

I recently spent the weekend with my 3 best girlfriends in the world!  Like all good girls weekends, each morning we chat over coffee about all things from world peace to new wrinkle repair products we’ve discovered.

Inevitably we start chatting about retirement planning as we dream of a new footloose and fancy free lifestyle.

One of my girls, who is also a teacher of 20 plus years, mentions that she needs to find units to move up the pay scale.  I’m thinking, ‘what?!  Now?! You’re three years away from retirement!”  What happened?  Knowing me, I said it outloud and with more passion than recommended.  

But the conversation got me thinking about how new teachers, early in their career, make this same mistake because it’s not talked about enough.  

So today, we are looking at the importance of adding units to your transcripts to maximize your earning potential while you are teaching and during retirement.

Here is the YouTube link I mentioned for more information about teacher salary schedules: https://youtu.be/xOqZeHEZeno

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