24. 6 tips to support your students with ADHD

Now that school has started for most of you, it probably didn’t take long for you to hone in on who your bouncy fleas are in class.  You know who I’m talking about:  the kids that can’t sit still, that drum the desks incessantly, that ALWAYS need to get out of their seat for something.  Or maybe these are the kids that seem to drift off in the middle of a lesson with that glassy eyed look.  There are hundreds of ways attention deficit disorder can present itself in students of all ages.  But the bottom line is THEY WILL be in your class and you WILL need to find ways to engage them in learning.  Todays episode is a very personal one for me, so I hope I can provide you some insight and answers in what you can do to support your students with ADHD.  Stay with me because I plan to share with you 5 tips and techniques to help these students find success.

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